Aperture Products

Aperture Capacity Manager

Aligns business forecasts with the current state and consumption trends for the infrastructure based on analysis of historical usage patterns to help IT proactively manage data center capacity and economically plan expansion and consolidation.

Aperture Configuration Manager

Single source for reporting and analytics on the data center infrastructure offering visual management of the equipment, space, power, cooling and port connectivity. It automates management processes as they relate to the data center and integrates the required data into the organization’s overall configuration management database.

Aperture Infrastructure Process Manager

Monitors the status and impact of the critical infrastructure through a unified view of the data center. It provides a vendor-independent monitoring platform, which interfaces with the broader enterprise monitoring systems to provide monitoring of the data center with an IT perspective.

Aperture Integrated Resource Manager

Aggregates and normalizes real-time data from disparate systems, devices and facilities to compute a risk-adjusted value that represents the actual load on resources. Using this actionable operational information, IT can better maximize utilization and improve efficiency.

Aperture Integration Manager

Provides a standardized web services interface so that organizations can integrate Aperture solutions with other IT management systems and the broader ITSM framework. This solution includes a SOAP-based integration layer and tools, support for data- and process-driven interfaces to Aperture solutions and upgradeable, transaction-driven architecture to reduce the cost of ownership.

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