Trellis™ Site Manager

Tracks and reports on the health of facility-critical devices and provides information on power, cooling and environmental conditions, such as temperature, humidity, airflow and fluid leaks.


•Collect and analyze real-time data for monitoring business-critical infrastructure, environmental conditions and power consumption
•Collection either through a software application or through a hardware
•Send alarm notifications via SNMP, SMS and email, and based on personnel shifts
•Configure and manage alarm significance so important ones are addressed first
•View facility layout and actual asset utilization
•Comply with industry-approved efficiency metrics (PUE and DCIE)
•Calculate utility cost—not just consumption—at the system and unit levels
•Customize the dashboard to exclude certain facility load parts in a mixed use facility
•Determine current and future energy needs based on historical data


•Assure business-critical continuity with comprehensive event management and alarm notifications
•Create user-defined rules regarding email notifications and reduce time sorting through inbox messages received
•Prevent unnecessary tracking of alarms via the creation of a "to-do" list to be attended
•Reduce time spent identifying and resolving issues with critical infrastructure devices, ensuring efficient and effective use of support personnel such as site engineers or technicians
•Highlight issues that need urgent and immediate attention and provide real-time, meaningful information that addresses the needs of senior management •
•Support your reports with graphical views presenting meaningful data