Trellis Process Manager

The Trellis™ Process Manager provides users the ability to initiate, analyze and report on core data center processes used to drive their business. It is designed to help users more effectively manage their environments and help the organization work more efficiently while reducing the risks associated with changes in the data center.

The Trellis™ Process Manager is configurable to meet the various needs of the each customer and comes with the following four processes based on best practice:

  1. Install Equipment
  2. Decommission Equipment
  3. Move Equipment
  4. Rename Equipment


  • Enforces a process for making changes to the data center infrastructure and automatically assigns tasks to the correct individual or group
  • Automated ticketing system ensures the correct levels of approval are granted for each work instruction and that tasks are carried out by the correct person
  • Requires approval by assigned individuals before action can be taken
  • Has the ability to configure the processes per the organization’s requirements
  • Automatically updates the Trellis™ platform data center plan upon completion of the task
  • The workflow engine can be managed by the data center staff
  • Enhanced visibility improves monitoring, analysis, control and execution of processes
  • Reduces risk with increased confidence in the data center’s abilities to support IT/business requirements