Trellis™ Mobile Suite

The Trellis™ Mobile Suite will eliminate note taking, reduce the chance of errors through re-entering of data, increase staff efficiency and reduce time spent on audits. The Trellis Mobile Suite extends the real-time capabilities of the Trellis platform while physically being located in the data center.


•Identify devices either via scanning or bar code reading
•Document, audit, and update inventory in real-time
•Speeds up inventory tracking
•Immediate alarm notification of issues with the ability to assign the alarm from the application and chat in real-time to the assignee


•Get real-time, 24/7 access to the data center—on the floor, or on the go—through your mobile device
•Quickly identify and view asset attributes with image recognition technology and bar code scanning capabilities for faster device configuration
•Cut down response time to equipment alarms and critical tasks; shorter MMTR means less chances of unplanned downtime
•Monitor capacity and other Trellis reports in real time, and even while away from a computer
•Minimize human error by extending standard processes and record-keeping onto the data center floor; validate in front of the actual rack or device
•Improve mobile personnel productivity with secure BYOD initiatives
•Comply with corporate security standards for mobile devices through defined multi-tier user roles

Technical Specifications