Liebert DSE​ Free Cooling System, 50-165kW

The Liebert DSE is the industry’s first pumped refrigerant economization system designed specifically for data centers. Ideal for companies seeking sustainable solutions, it provides up to 50% higher efficiency than traditional systems – and it uses no water. Its advanced controls automate economization to get the most free cooling in any environment.


•Pumped Refrigerant Economizer
•Advanced Thermal Controls
•Microchannel Condenser
•Independent Thermal System Design
• 50-165kW capacities
• Upflow and downflow configurations (50kW unit with downflow only)


•Minimizes compressor use to maximize free cooling
•Eliminates need for bringing outside air and contanimants into the data center
•Eliminates water usage, no costly water treatment required
•Auto-economization increases the number of free-cooling hours throughout the year
•No dampers and louvers to maintain
•Industry-best condenser efficiency
•N+1 thermal redundancy
•Capacity can easily be scaled without affecting the rest of the cooling infrastructure, while maintaining desired redundancy
•Lower refrigerant charge than traditional DX systems