Liebert iCOM Cooling Unit Control

Manage and control data center cooling units to improve protection, automate cooling system routines and simplify maintenance.


•Factory installed on many Liebert brand cooling units and available as a retrofit
•Monitors 380 unit and component data points
•Redundant unit failsafe modes
•Over 200 unit and component alarms
•Dew point, rack sensor, supply air, return air or differential pressure control
•Advanced algorithms and machine-to-machine communications
•Self-healing and optimization routines, including lead/lag, cascade, rapid restart, refrigerant protection and valve calibration
•Highly intuitive, full-color, touch screen


•10-20% unit efficiency gains
•Optimizes operation of unit components and setpoints
•Eliminates single points of failure
•Maintains unit operations within safe operating thresholds
•Simplifies and speeds maintenance and reduces human error
•User authorizations for security and on-board change log