Industrial Controls

ASCO Industrial Controls

Keep your facility’s power systems operating at optimal levels with Vertiv’s line of industrial controls. These industry-recognized controls feature lighting contactors and control panels with patented single, bi-directional solenoid operators. Browse the selection below and contact a representative with specific questions.

ASCO 918 Lighting Contactors for Branch Circuits

The ASCO Serial Interface Module, Catalog No. 5110 (Acc. 72A), enables serial ATS monitoring when used in conjunction with ASCO PowerQuest interface products

ASCO 641 Lighting Control Panel

The ASCO Quad-Ethernet Module, Catalog No. 5140 (Acc. 72EE), provides connectivity from ASCO equipment and Ethernet switch functionality.

ASCO 920 Lighting Contactors for Feeder Circuits

The ASCO Connectivity Module, Catalog No. 5150 (Acc. 72E), provides easy and reliable Ethernet connectivity to ASCO transfer switches for monitoring.

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